All the Things You and Your Family Should Look Forward to in EFL 2018-2019

MANCHESTER CITY: WILL THE “CITIZENS” PROTECT THE CHAMPION TITLE? Manchester City has had an amazing season, setting several records of the EFL. But will they be able to stay on top? Since the time of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson (2007-2009), no one has yet won in the championship of England two years in a row. Manchester City has absolutely all the qualities in order to come to the finish line first. The team retained all the main players, and it was also completed with Riyad Mahrez. The Algerian will be a great addition to the selection of the starting lineup and the tactical scheme for the game for Josep Guardiola. By the way, in the offseason, the coach of Manchester City brought to life an idea that seemed insane at first glance. In some test matches (and even at the end of the bout for the Supercup of England), MC played according to the 3-3-4 scheme which the Spaniard used in his last year in Barcelona. Such an arrangement of players on the field will give Manchester City several advantages. First, this scheme is effective against the so-called “buses.” Secondly, it allows you to simultaneously engage a larger number of attacking players on the field which has increased with the advent of Riyad Mahrez. MANCHESTER UNITED AND JOSA MOURINHO: WHAT’S NEXT? Unhealthy atmosphere reigns in Manchester United on the eve of the start of the season: Jose Mourinho publicly criticized club executive director Ed Woodward for not acquiring the desired players; the Portuguese publicly criticized his players, ranging from team captain Antonio Valencia to Anthony Martial, who missed several days of preseason training due to the birth of his daughter. He publicly stated that his team was not ready for the start of the championship and in general was in trouble. To all other things, you can add rumors about Paul Pogba’s dissatisfaction with Mourinho’s work methods and attitude – the Frenchman allegedly wants to leave Manchester United. Be sure to check out this article we’ve got for you on how to Stop Obsessing Over Someone! WHO WILL LEAVE EFL? Last season was the third, according to the results of which, all three newcomers retained their places in EFL. This year, the Premier League was replenished by Wolverhampton, Fulham, and Cardiff. The first two fruitfully worked on the transfer market, greatly enhancing their composition. Therefore, they are not among the main contenders to leave EFL this year, which cannot be said about Cardiff. Head coach of the Welsh, a very experienced trainer, Neil Warnock, has, perhaps, the weakest selection of players in the league. He has already managed to declare that if he manages to keep Cardiff in the Premier League, this will be the greatest achievement in his rich career. Bookmakers estimate that Cardiff was the main contender for departure (coefficient 1.67). It can be accompanied by Huddersfield (2.20) and Watford (3.00). Although, as shown by the previous season, quite prosperous middle players may find themselves at the bottom, while the outsiders can surprise everyone with their performances. By the way, the history of the Premier League knows only one example when all three newcomers at the end of the season together went back to the Championship. In the 1997-1998 season, Bolton, Barnsley, and Crystal Palace made such unfortunate history. You can find other interesting facts and statistics by visiting It’s a great source for all of the EFL news. WILL KANE SCORE IN AUGUST? It’s hard to believe, but Harry Kane, an attacker who twice won the sniper race of the English Championship (he has already scored 108 goals in total), the winner of the Golden Boot of the 2018 World Cup, never scored in the Premier League! None of his 44 shots in the first month of the season has scored a goal. Will the Bombardier of the Nation succeed in correcting his statistics in the new season? So far, this doesn’t seem likely. Kane missed almost all the pre-season training and only recently started training; moreover, he doesn’t feel so good. According to Mauricio Pochettino, Kane is very disappointed with the World Cup. Harry will probably miss the first match of the championship (against Newcastle).