Taking Advantage of Card Betting in Football

When it comes to betting on football, there are many events and things that can happen during a match and all of these can be wagered on, providing bettors with a great way to generate payouts regardless of the outcome of a particular match. Sports betting is not just about who will win the game or who will lose. There are also unique proposition bets such as betting on red and yellow cards that may be issued during any game. Sports betting has become a popular pastime for many along with traditional forms of online gambling at leading casino sites like Casumo.

Placing wagers on red or yellow cards may not be an obvious wagering selection, but it is a popular market with experienced bettors. The stats in a football match are easy to research and the rules are pretty straightforward, so placing a bet on whether players will receive a red or yellow card can actually result in some great payouts.

How to Bet on Cards in Football

There are a number of ways in which one can place wagers on red or yellow cards and with the huge offering of betting options at sites, there are multiple ways to start earning return son those agers. The first, and easiest way to place a card bet on football is to bet on which team will receive the first booking in the match being played.

The odds for first bookings are close to Evens in this sports market, but the odds for no bookings at all are very high, often as high as 16/1 since it is such a rare occurrence. Another bet is to wager on which player will be booked first. This bet is a popular choice when a match involves players that are known to get a bit feisty on the field.

Other Card Bets Available

Other options for betting on cards exist and those that have experience placing wagers on football will be familiar with these. Some bettors may believe that a certain game will get very heated and they may jump into this betting market. One way to enjoy card betting is to simply predict whether ether team in the match will have a player sent off during any part of the game. The payout price that is offered on such bets will depend on the team’s reputation, what team they are playing and any previous dismissal records for players.

It is also possible for one to bet on a specific player that will be sent off the field. Many avid football fans are well aware of the players that often draw red cards during a game, so betting on them can yield some great returns. Sergio Ramos, a professional player for Real Madrid is known to receive a number of red cards and actually holds the record for the most cards received, having been given 23 red cards over a 16 year playing period.

Alternatively, punters can wager on total booking points. This is an attractive option since there is no specific requirement to predict who will receive a card or which team will be affected. The wagers with these bets are placed on the number of booking points that will be amassed during a single game. This will require knowledge of the booking points system. There are also options to wager on Handicap cards betting, which will work the same as other football handicap markets.

Betting on cards in football matches is an exciting way to become involved with the game and these proposition bets are often quite rewarding. With some knowledge of stats and booking point systems, punters can make informed wagers and have great chances to enjoy this form of betting, which makes football wagering even more exciting.